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"I love Stroller Babes! It is a wonderful opportunity to exercise, be outside, and meet other Moms. Missy and Laura make everyone feel welcome. The class is designed for women of all stages of postpartum and fitness level. I highly recommend this class to every Mom!" ~ Katie

"Stroller Babes has allowed me to get back to exercising without having to leave my baby! It has given me that motivation I needed to lose my last 10 pounds of baby weight...Stroller babes is a perfect combination of cardio and toning and a wonderful way to meet other moms in my area!" ~ Andreana

"Stroller Babes has been such a lifesaver being a new mom. I am able to bring my baby with me to work out and I have gotten to meet many other awesome moms and babies. I am able to get back in shape a fun way without having to find childcare. The instructors are amazing and helpful. Definitely a must for moms!" ~ Shelley

“Stroller Babes started my journey on getting fit after having my son. The class provides an effective workout that is also enjoyable! I've met some wonderful mommies who are great to talk with about getting into shape and sharing stories about our kids! Being able to bring my son and have him be part of my journey is the best part of it all.” ~ Hollie

“As a busy mom with not a lot of time to myself, I love that I can bring my kids with me to workout and they can have a good time too!” ~ Courtney

“Stroller Babes is a great way to get in shape and spend time with your little one! Missy involves some light jogging and interval training. It can be modified for new mommies and those who are ready for a more intense workout.” ~ Meghan 

“I look forward to the Stroller Babes class every time I get a chance to go! It's so nice to get out into the fresh air in the summer or get out of the house in the winter (to an indoor facility) when you've been stuck indoors. I have made some great friends from this group of ladies and we even go out together on an occasional Friday night. The workouts are great no matter what level you are at!” ~ Whitney