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1.How long after delivery should I wait to begin exercising?

It is recommended that you wait until you have clearance from your doctor to begin exercising after delivery. Anyone less than 6 weeks post-partum will need to bring a note from their doctor. 

2.Do I need a jogging stroller?

No. In fact, if your baby is very young, you should not have them in a jogger without additional support. Whatever stroller you bring, make sure that it has enough head and neck support for baby. Ask your pediatrician what type of stroller would work best for your baby’s age and size.

3.How do you accommodate different levels of fitness?

Every mom is different. You will be given levels of difficulty and you can choose what works best for you. 

4.I have 2 little ones. Can I bring them both?

The more the merrier! As long as they are both comfortable in the stroller (and you feel comfortable pushing them) they are both welcome!