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Class Format
Warm-up and Cardio

You’re a mom, we know you need to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. Your workouts should be no different. Our classes will give you healthy dose of cardio; a mix of pushing the stroller and intervals, sure to get your heart rate going. We do a lot of multi-joint exercises to ensure that you are working as many muscles groups as possible, and burning more calories in a short amount of time.


Every class also includes strengthening exercises, focusing on the areas that moms are most concerned with. We pay special attention to the core muscles that moms need to strengthen. You will gain muscle and be ready to take on the challenging job of motherhood!

Class always ends with some light stretching, and time to focus. You will leave refreshed and ready to face the day!

Come Prepared
      What to Wear:
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Running shoes or cross trainers
      What to Bring:
  • Towel or Yoga mat
  • Sunscreen (for outdoor classes)
  • Anything baby will need